One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is, “How much bank balance should I show in my bank account?” And for this we have only one answer, “Your bank balance amount should be enough to support all the expenses of your trip”. This will mainly depend on how long your trip is going to be, who you are traveling with (number of family members) and how much you are spending for your trip

Take an example of Belgium, If you are performing a single bank account for two persons, I suggest that you can have a minimum of 1500–2000 Euros as stability for 7 days. Divide it by half even if it is half-term

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Planning Abroad trip is not about getting the visa and landing in the country. No country will issue you a visa for the first time if you do not have enough bank balance money to support yourself and your family. One of the key elements of a successful visa application for any country lies in the strength of your financial documents. Therefore it is important to present proper proof of financial stability and your bank statement is a basic requirement of a visa applicationfor any type of visa, be it a tourist, business, travel, work, or student visa. A well-maintained bank statement with sufficient bank balance is a guarantee that the applicant has sufficient finance to pay for all travel costs as well as funds to meet the cost of living at the time of his stay in that country.

Embassies around the world are very strict about the financial documentsyou have to submit for your visa application. The money you need to show for your maintenance can be in your bank account, parent’s account or joint account with your name.It doesn’t mean you have a lot of money in your bank account, it would be acceptable – the money needs to be kept for a set period of time and the documents need to be in a very specific format.

Some applicants sometimes borrow money from their friends or relatives for a visa application, without being aware of the results on their application. Please remember, the sudden transfer of a large amount of money just before applying for a visa can raise suspicion in the visa authorities, leading to visa rejection.

How do you prove your financial sufficient fund


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  • Some of the recognized documents that can prove your means of subsistence for Schengen visas include:
  • A bank statement that shows your financial transactions for the last 6 months is verified with your bank branch. (hard copy from the bank)
  • Income tax return certificate is compulsory for the last two years.
  • salary Slips from your company
  • credit card statement
  • cash
  • Supporting documents to show the sponsor’s ability and willingness to cover their expenses during travel

Here are the characteristics of a good bank statement for visa application 

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Having a large amount in your account is a testament that you can meet your expenses when you come to that foreign country. However, if you do not provide concrete evidence on the source of income, the embassy may not approve of your visa. In some circumstances, a relatively small bank statement may allow a visa application for one. This clearly shows that the bank statement does not contain any fixed or exact amount for the visa application. The importance of bank statements for visa applications is to ensure that you have the financial ability to travel abroad for any reason and with some tips about this, your bank statement does not pose any concern for the embassy.

present a bank account with a good income

A bank statement with a good income gives the embassy a better chance to get a visa. The continuous flow of income suggests that the account is active. Visa applicants who wish to travel abroad are advised to have an account that has a stable source of income. A salary account or a corporate account convinces the embassy that you have something viable that you are doing and do not intend to travel to live illegally when you travel outside.

However, it is required that visa applicants provide a current bank statement of at least 6 months. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the account has a regular cash flow. When passing through a bank statement it is one of the Visa officers of the criteria

Run your account effectively

provide a bank statement for a visa application, you must effectively run an account. A bank statement is a summary of your financial transactions. When you are creating your account for the purpose of travel, you should ensure that it is done without conflicting things for you.

The importance of a bank statement for a visa application is to convince the embassy that you are financially strong to travel abroad. Having an amount in your account that is not in a good relationship can get you in trouble. Your source of income can either give you a visa or reject it.

Do not submit the wrong bank statement

Sadly, many travel agents use fake bank statements for their customers. It is expected that the visa applicants provide a bank statement as one of the documents for the visa application, but, it is wrong to provide a fake statement. It is good to use a travel agent to facilitate your travel, but, when it comes to providing a bank statement, you should be the one to provide it.

Using a sponsor account

You can submit a bank statement of a sponsor but you should be able to establish that you are either related to a profession or a family affair. The most commonly recognized type is spouse sponsorship. To establish that you are related to your spouse, you should include your marriage certificate in the application and if you are using company sponsorship instead, then you need to establish that you are the sponsoring company Employees are warrants that you should present your employment Letter and a personal statement showing salary payments from the same employer.

In addition, you should also explain what thesponsor does for a living person and be sure to get sponsorship or affidavit of sponsorship to confirm their claims. With this evidence and a sufficient amount in your sponsor’s account, your visa may be for approval.


How much do I need to have in my account to get a Schengen visa?

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You need a 3 to 6-month bank statement (you can be yourself or your parents / close relatives.

some countries may require it to be signed and stamped by the bank. The embassy should show a balance of 3–5L in INR or euro 4000 to 6000(higher is better but not necessary) to ensure that you have enough money for travel expenses.

A final note on the bank statement for the Schengen visa application

A bank statement is an important document when a Schengen visa applicant is applying for a visa. You need to convince the embassythat the amount in the account is genuine and that you have the financial ability to take care of yourself during your trip to the country and also that you do not intend to travel and work to keep you there. Help keep it.
It is good to have a sufficient amount in your account, you should also make sure that the closing balance is not an outrageous figure or amount. Depending on the visa category, your bank statement may still get your visa approved for a considerable amount. What matters most is ensuring that there is a steady flow of income
These tips listed here illustrate the importance of bank statements for visa applications. If you are planning to travel abroad anytime soon, your income flow should be steady.

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Required documents
Standard application

  • Original passport and old passport, if any
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after departure, with at least two blank pages
  • Return air ticket
  • Visa application form, duly filled and signed
  • Matte-finish, recent passport size color photograph against white background with size (35mm x 45mm with 80% face)
  • Bank statement or original ‘official affidavit of assistance’ for last 6 months, duly verified and signed by bank officer
  • Journey duration and purpose of travel mentioned in a letter
  • Income tax return for last 3 years
  • If you are employed then appointment letter and reference letter from your employer
  • Last 3 years income tax return
  • Marriage Certificate – If the girl’s name is in the passport
  • Medical insurance policy