The concept of visiting 26 countries on a single visa sounds pleasant, but sometimes the process of attaching an infinite number of documents to a visa application is a difficult task, which is annoying at times. A slight error can lead to visa denials.

The applicant usually attaches this document when the citizen of the host nation, in the absence of a means of subsistence, will support, support, or bear the applicant’s expenditure during their stay in the Schengen area.

In such a case, the citizen of the host nation is called the sponsor.

What is a sponsorship letter for a Schengen visa?

A Schengen visa sponsorship letter is a document that you must submit to the embassy, ​​along with other documents, when you accompany the consular visa officer to attend a Schengen visa interview. A sponsorship letter is required in cases when the applicant will not cover their expenses to Schengen, but instead, a sponsor will pay for their travel accommodation, meals, and more.

The letter is written by the sponsor, who explains their relationship with the applicant, and the costs they are going to cover. For the letter to be valid, it must be attached to documents that prove the availability of funds and the identity of the sponsor.


Right Structure of Sponsorship Letter

The letter should be addressed with a salute to the Embassy staff to ‘Dear Sir / Madam’. Next, give your name and other personal details such as where you live and what work you do, the reason why, and to whom you are writing the letter.

Inform them of the expenses you are going to cover and how you are doing. Give the dates when the applicant will travel, and if he stays at your location in one of the Schengen states, mention the location, giving it the address.

If you are spending time with the applicant while in Schengen, it would be nice if you just wrote a few words to the places you plan to travel together, like a short one-paragraph itinerary.

Don’t forget to mention that you have “attached supporting documents” to the letter of support you are sending. Sign the letter at the end of your name. When you write the letter, do not leave details like the date.

Tips for writing a good Sponsorship Letter for Schengen Visa application

Make sure you use formal language. Salutations, start with ‘Sir / Madam’. This will give the Consular the impression that the sponsor knows what they are doing. This should be followed with details about the sponsor; Where they live, where they work and what position they hold, the reason for the letter, and of course their relationship.
Keep it short and simple. Do not write too much because the quantity is not very high. In fact, excessive material gives the consular a chance to disappoint. The more relevant your content is, the more likely it is to be accepted immediately.
Any emotional content or matter that is too personal will be seen as unnecessary. The consular has no desire to know where you are going to eat breakfast or how much you will spend on clothes. Nor are they interested in knowing how much your sponsor cares for you. In fact, they need proof that your sponsor will be able to support you financially

Try to see that the information you stated in writing is supported by the documents you have submitted. It is necessary to present evidence. This creates less space for questions and speeds up the process.

Be sure to add your contact details outside your address. In case of any confusion, the embassy can contact you, which can speed up the process.

Finally, your sponsorship letter for the visa should clearly contain the travel details; Including dates, and a brief itinerary (if you are traveling with them. This makes the financial situation transparent to sponsors and guarantees that they will be able to fund the trip; travel and be involved.

Supporting Documents for Schengen Visa Sponsor Letter

Your sponsorship letter for the visa should be presented along with some other files and things. These will support your sponsorship letter for the visa and serve as proof you have written. The required documents are:

Scanned copy of your ID / Passport

For example proof of financial funds, bank statement, a work contract, and the last three payments

Proof of house/rental contract that provides the sponsor’s address

An itinerary of places planned to travel together (if applicable) or alone. This clarifies the question of how much you want to spend at the place of stay, especially with regard to travel and lodging. Additional charges are not a concern to anyone.

Submitting a document from the workplace along with the application serves as a bonus if the sponsor is taking a day off for the trip

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