What is the difference between the flight reservation and a confirmed flight ticket

Flight reservation means that you will follow the itinerary to travel to the country/countries.

so it was just a PNR that is reflected in the airline system.

The flight ticket is the next stage, in which the ticket is issued for the journey you have booked with the full amount.

flight reservation

Flight reservation means the reservation has been created, all of your information has been stored in the system and a Record Locator/Confirmation Number or PNR (Passenger Name Record) has been issued – and the flights are being held for you.

For example, American Airlines allows you to hold an award reservation for a few days basically, the reservation is created, the flights are reserved for you and space is being held, meaning no one else can have “your” space when you have a reservation on hold.

To summarize the above, you can keep a reservation for a few days while transferring miles/points and you guarantee those flights while it is being held for you – as long as you have a reservation ticket Do not give (or until it ends till you donate ‘buy it).

It works in the same way for both money and mile flights, although flights bought with money usually have very little time (if they also have the option to keep it).

Depending on the embassy/consulate, this document can be known by various names:

Book / Flight confirmed
Round trip reservation
Flight Reservation / Confirmation
Confirmed / round trip flight ticket
Evidence of further travel, etc.


Confirm Flight ticket

A flight or airline ticket is either a paper-printed or an electronic document, purchased by a passenger from an airline company or travel agency.

The ticket proves that the passenger has a reserved seat in an airplane, which will take him to his destination.

Nearly all embassies or consulates in the Schengen area are clear to their visa applicants, telling them that a full air ticket will not actually be purchased before the visa is issued.

Nevertheless, sometimes you will not find it only with the visa requirements of submitting an air itinerary and flight ticket reservation.

Since the embassy or consulate of the Schengen country, in particular, has the right to ask you to provide genuine airline tickets if it is required to ensure that you actually have a planned trip to a specific destination in Europe.

Most embassies or consulates accept round-trip flight reservations with a flight itinerary as a travel guide to prove that you have an uncontrolled trip.

The time you have a flight ticket, you have the ticket in your hand with which you can go to your destination after getting the visa.

What is the Confirm flight ticket?

Flight tickets usually include:

passenger name.
Name of a flight.
Flight reservation number or booking ID.
Arrival and departure date.
Airport IATA Code.
Price of a real flight ticket and
Details of any connecting flights (if any).


You do not need to buy a full flight ticket before applying for your visa.

  • Embassy and consulate officials understand that applicants may not wish to spend too much money on a single ticket before they know if they can travel.
  • Most embassies and consulates in the world do not obligate visa applicants to book flight tickets, as they know that in case of visa rejection, then it will be mandatory for the applicant to lose their money.

For the flight, follow the reservation simple basic steps-


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Go to the Flying Helpline.

Choose the plan you want

Submit your flight details

Select payment option debit/credit card net banking etc.

You will receive an email with all the details of your flight reservation and your number

Providing an ideal itinerary for the visa application and you can verify your ticket on the airline portal

Why do embassies and consulates ask for it?

  • Most embassies in the world do not obligate visa applicants to book flight tickets.
  • Cause they know that in case of visa rejection, then it will be mandatory for the applicant to lose their money.
  • 2) only after receiving your visa, you can buy the reserved ticket within the time of your reserved validity or cancel it and others at the most convenient dates.
  • However, in some cases, the embassy will actually ask you to purchase a round trip flight ticket before the visa interview.

Can we use a dummy ticket generator?

No! We do not strongly suggest using a generator to create fake dummy air tickets and to use for a visa application.

Flying Helpline provides an easy and economical way to book flight tickets without paying full price.

What is a dummy ticket?

A dummy air ticket to and from the original departure country is nothing more than a round-trip flight reservation. A dummy ticket is not a paid return ticket. Originally, it is only a document containing itinerary details but is not a confirmed ticket.

sample of flight reservation




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