Why the most Schengen visa gets rejected?

Here is the most common reason why the Schengen visa gets rejected and what implement you have to make sure to get your visa.

Sometimes, the fear of failing something can leave us behind what we want. This sentiment can apply to many things in life – in our case, we are talking about the fear of being denied your Schengen visa. If you are convinced before you book your ticket that your visa can be rejected, then maybe you end up with your money, you can never take a chance.


First of all, you need a proper cover letter for your visa application if you need a free and best cover latter I suggest you visit www.Flyinghelpline.com and get a free cover later and NOC letter for your visa application.

 An incomplete document or false document


The most common reason why most Schengen visa rejection for that  You need to make sure that all your documents are valid, attested, and are up to date. One of the biggest criteria that embassies look at is the truthfulness or how you provided the document for the visa applicant. If you provide the wrong or false documents or miss-use, the chances of getting a Schengen visa is zero or non.

Therefore, check your documents carefully, make sure they are exactly as per the requirements of the embassy before you submit them. Our website www.Flying helpline we will cross-verify your documents and alert you to the fact that certain documents are missing or not up to date. That way, you’ll be able to provide the right documents.

Insufficient justification for your trip

It is a privilege to visit and enjoy the new place. Therefore, reasons for vacation or business in international travel become extremely important for the embassy. If you have not provided enough proof as to why you are visiting one of the Schengen countries, your visa application is likely to be rejected.
Do not provide proof that your finances match your job or professional status 
Not submitting documents that support your reason for visiting Europe (especially in the case of work or business visas)
Proof that you will return to the given exit date. (Embassies look for reasons you want to stay after your visa expires)

Passport issue or damaged passport 



Your passport plays a very important role to get a visa. passport is an essential document. Not only do you use it for travel purposes, but also for identity proof or various processes in India. Therefore, you need to make sure to keep it in good shape. If pages are missing, torn or detached from your passport or the cover is damaged, your visa could be rejected or denied. So, keep your passport safe!

You have to show your proper travel itinerary

Whenever you’re planning your trip to European countries, the choices are endless. There’s so much thing to do that you don’t know where to start or what to do. However, a trip plan or itinerary is essential for a Schengen visa.
First, determine which country you will start your trip in. Second, book your accommodation in each country you are visiting. Third, make sure your tickets to each country are booked for booking(Never book a full paid ticket for your visa ) visit flyinghelpline.com.for book a reasonable ticket.
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Insufficient Travel Insurance

One of the main Schengen visa requirements is valid to travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. Your visa may be rejected on the basis of insurance reasons in the following circumstances:

Failed to deposit insurance cover for the mandatory amount (minimum 30,000 EUR) 
Submitting a policy that does not cover the duration of your trip to the Schengen area.
Submitting a policy that does not cover the applicant until he returns to his country.

Insufficient fund or called most visas to get rejected with the reason

This is one of the most common reasons for Schengen visa rejection. While traveling to a country, you will be required to show that you have enough funds to support your stay throughout the stay duration. This is to ensure that you do not have a tough time in the country and that you do not become a liability for the country.

So, if you do not possess enough funds, your application will instantly be rejected. It can also be rejected if the funds are not easily accessible. for that, you have to show a minimum 4 to 5  lack rupees fund or It returns to approve your visa.

Showing old financial records 1 month before applying for a visa (remember, they are required by the date of the financial records.) 

Presentation of credit card statement only in place of the current account statement 

A mismatch in your financial statement and financial condition 

Presenting traveler’s checks without the name of the visa applicant

No proof of accommodation provided

Do you know where you are going to live during your trip? The great thing about a Schengen visa is that in the process of applying for it, you take care of other aspects of your journey. What are we talking about? Well, one of the Schengen visa requirements is providing proof of accommodation. You must provide proof of a hotel reservation, an invitation from a Schengen resident who is sponsoring your trip, or proof of a prepaid tour. Failure to give proof of any of the above may result in visa rejection. So why not arrange your accommodation beforehand? This will save you from last-minute reservation/booking and provide proof to the embassy that you have a solid travel plan.

Visa interview preparation 

A Visa interview plays a very important role in approver your visa so you have to prepare a basic knowledge about the answer watch youtube for the best interview or prepare for your self. you have must have the basic knowledge for which country are you applying for. Your application for Schengen visa rejected if you do not a proper reason for visiting the country 


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